Tangerine square


So, your kids don’t want to eat lentils! Here I have the solution. It’s a delicious dessert! Yes, I know desserts have sugar, but these one also has a lot of protein, so you decide, they will love it.

Easy and cheap blueberry bread


Commercial gluten free bread is very expensive but this recipe is very cheap and if you have a bread-machine it’s just wonderful. You can eat it with tea, coffee or hot cocoa or toasted with jam.

Spanish Omelette with Veggies


This is a very easy and quick recipe. Perfect for breakfast. It tastes better with fresh vegetables, but when you are in a hurry, you can always use a pack of mixed frozen vegetables. There are many varieties at the supermarket. You can cook them with almost any vegetables. I love eating them in the morning, […]

Oats and Buckwheat Pancakes


These energizing and nutritious gluten free pancakes are great for people with gluten sensitivity. Buckwheat is a fruit seed that contains no gluten. Buckwheat is considered by many as one of the world’s healthiest foods. Despite it’s name it is not a grain neither is it a type of wheat. I recommend you to make you […]

Breakfast crepes


These delicious gluten free crepes were born by accident. I was experimenting with gluten free pancake mixes. The resulting pancake was so thin that I used it as crepes. You can certainly impress your guests with this delicious plate. If you like sweet, you can stuff them with your favorite ingredient like caramel, chocolate, syrop […]